The Shape of the Offense

2015-06-16 12.41.16-1I was watching my team playing the Champions. Being a keen observer of the game, reading opinions and tactics from my favourite football forum, I started to ‘discuss with myself’ while watching. In a highly challenging match such as this one, much can be learned about the shape of the team when in an offensive mode or otherwise.

The shape of the offense did not take hold as much as it should be after our goal. Yes, the deficit was narrowing about 15 minutes towards the end of the game, but somehow the time just ran out for the shape to really have any impact. If a player gets inspired, others will too. You don’t have to wait for others to get inspired for you to catch it, you just do it. (That’s why in terms of branding and marketing, the Nike endorsed caption, was successful).

Anything that inspires, to change and turn around a bad fortune is welcomed in life. We cannot just sit back and take all the challenges, blow by blow to our body, mind and soul. The fundamental skills of taking us from point A to point B should make us project onwards. We have to move forward in a formation that is planned, with support, in a team situation. We need to work in a team, then we can do more. Courage and vision will enable us to move forward and create. When we create we gave ourselves more opportunities to ‘score our goals’.


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