Possibly the last design thesis studio

This one, starting for session 2016/17 would possibly be the last design thesis studio that I will have the chance to be involved with. I accepted the challenge to undergo the ‘research track’ that will not allow me to take a studio and which will take place next year’s session 2017/18.

Last session 2015/16, I did it with GDP architects, namely Ar Loke Chew Ping and Mr Kamil Merican. Some sort of collaboration was done and at the end of the day, I think most students had a good experience. I felt good after that was done as well. R.I.B.A. validation assessors personally said some good words to me.

Inspired from one of the students work whose approach is to counter gentrification, I was aware this was the theme that I wish to pursue with this year and thought at first we should do it in George Town , Penang.


My discussion with Kevin Low concluded with him agreeing to be the part time studio master and collaborator and with me agreeing to the Kampung Bahru and Bukit Ceylon/Jalan Alor sites.




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