Issues driven from site

Two sites. Kampung Baru. Bukit Ceylon.

Students would need to come up with topics for design thesis arisen from issues driven from the sites. A few weeks have passed by and we need to continue to draw from our observations and study about the site.

But it’s not only about the ‘site’. Read this link.

“Here we recognize two crucial ideas: Milieu and Site. A milieu is an environment that influences formation of subjectivity. In large part, our milieu contributes to who we are and our worldview. Site indicates another kind of an environment that is seen and understood through a specific set of interests. Such interests in turn contribute to reshaping the milieu. The subject contributes its particular interests to the milieu from which it grows. Architecture is a product of a given milieu and at the same time projects specific subjective interests (of the architect, the client, the community, the government, and so forth) on a place.”

What I understand from this quote and that page write up, is that when we view something, it is both objective (site) and subjective (milieu). What I think about Kampung Baru or Bukit Cyelon is as much important as what I see as a matter of fact. This will influence what I will design for the topic. In as much the site influence me as I influence the site or what it is to become.

We cannot design in a vacuum. Something takes us in when we take in the site.



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