Interim Crit with BC + Kevin

We decided to invite BC Ang to also be involved with the crit. The fact that someone who does not know what we have been doing so far, coming in, always give the chance for the students to rethink again and say it again. It is always good practice to say it again.

Kampung Bahru site:

The group doing the Kampung Bahru site seems to be on top of it working together and although it is not perfect yet, as individually we had to suggest them the exact site as what they suggested was not spot on (apart from Shiewah), it was okay because that is expected at this point. The masterplan was slowly emerging as the sites to be done do relate with each other. meaning their project at that particular site is giving a whole picture that could be the alternative vision. In fact the whole studio could have just done Kampung Bahru as it’s possible to come up with more. But having said that this site is bigger than the Bukit Ceylon one.

Bukit Ceylon site:

This site has more tension because it is ‘gentrified’ already. But what provided the tension is the ‘tourism’ aspects. Always, that ‘tourism’ part is there but we concentrated on the community part. The students know this very well. Why I would say that is when we were thinking hard to propose sites for Kevin Ong. Of course, the students did not study deeply the other sites ie near Maybank and Stock Exchange buildings and even the Bukit Ceylon residential area as well. All of them looking at Jalan Alor and Arab Square mostly. But in the end Kevin Ong is going to proposed about Maybank.

We cannot think of the sites and say which ones were better or whatever opinions. It’s now coming to the crunch time of individual design thesis projects.




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