Gan Kok Yong remember those days, 10 years ago, when I was actively blogging @ Life is a design thesis. You commented sometimes. I read my blog posts and the comments. I thought I am missing now something that I had last time. Some insight, some sense of purpose. You think the same or not? Obviously we think we are more clever now, smarter or wiser. But, do you think we are not, then? I don’t think the process of our development to be linear. I think, then, was a point in time and now is a point time, like galaxies. Planets orbiting around us in another galaxy, different then planets now. I think human beings grow like cells, like parts of a whole. And that we are never whole at one time. We keep on filling in the whole. The process is definitely organic. What it means is that…we should not be afraid.

Regeneration but in different context.

We should not cling to yesterday. But when yesterday is played, like a song, it should be fresh for today. Only today. Only this second.


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