How to be an architect.

The following is a rough idea about the best curriculum on ‘how to be an architect’. (I will expand on this later).

The teaching in the first two years of the architecture design studio should focus on ‘designing from inside out’ and the ‘sense of scale’.

The first year is about mastering the domestic scale at the end of the year. The ability and skills to see from the ‘human sense’ exposing to phenomenology and works by such architects. The basic grounding on graphics, science, model-making and communication.
Second year is to master sense of scale of the habitat (relationships). Scale in relationships. Basic detail design.
Third year is about complex relationships. Context and relationships. The often three year degree course can be a standalone in order for the graduate to be competent in design.
The two years post graduate course (now called masters in architecture course) for the 1st year should start on the urbanism, town / city planning, urban scale. Masterplanning. Relationships that are in a larger scale. Vehicles and transport systems. There should be a critique of the system. (This could be also in the last year)
However there must be a specialist course, inter-disciplinary, complexity of design for a year. A special study on a critical level (design thesis).IMG_1117
Study should be done via a case study approach.
For the M Arch,
(1) the Venezuelan mall converted to prison is a good case study. Huge scale in this case 25 acres.
(2) Logistical, digital, physical – engineering / business way of looking at systems. Also inter-disciplinary
(3) What did we learn from the design thesis studio 2016/17 studio unit 3. Social and cultural aspects. Gentrification.

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