Design thesis process

The ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ of design thesis year.

Using Kevin Mark Low’s Elements > Scheme > Concept > Reality, I placed them against Site, Client and Archetype.

Design thesis process

ELEMENTS phase: This takes the whole of pre-thesis (7-8 weeks) at the very beginning where one’s to determine the brief and program. Using the site issues driven approach everything can be done in 7 weeks. SITE: Site identification, Analysis I, Issues (derived from the site/area/neighbourhood, Social and Cultural issues and problems, Context studies. CLIENT: Mapping of Activities, Interviews, Observations, Client’s Brief, Stakeholders. ARCHETYPE: Theme, Group of Buildings Type, Program of Activities, Function, Limitations. At the Elements phase there are cross-references such as Mapping of Activities relates to Social and Cultural issues andGroup of Buildings Type, which also relates to Observations which relate to Context studies. There are lots on inter-connectedness resulting in summaries, maps, diagrams and definitions.

SCHEME phase: By the second week, a scheme could be drawn already. SITE: Analysis II, Technical Guidelines, Criteria, Diagrams, Orientation / Scale etc. CLIENT:


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