Blog on design

Today is the 1st of January 2018.

This blog, Life is a Design Thesis started in 2007, when I was not even teaching design thesis studio. Subsequently in 2008, I conducted the design thesis studio for my very first time. And hence there after much has been blogged about it.

I am working on a book on the design thesis and hope to publish it in 2018. Thus a chapter of my life as a studio master is summarised and defined as it could be.

From today onwards this blog will be about DESIGN meaning the design process and still in keeping with the idea I started with this blog and many posts were written regarding the design process. Another blog: ADEPT-UM >>> (Architecture Design Education Philosophy Theory) will be about ARCHITECTURE EDUCATION to correlate with the Facebook page ADEPT REsearch. The Facebook was intended to be done for the Department of Architecture’s group but since there was no reaction from any department members to REKA publication, I decided to use the name while I am still an academic staff member until I retire in 2022.




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