U2 Studio 2019/20 – site at PJ Old Town

U2 Studio for Session 2019/20 will again be led by Kevin Mark Low, with full time academic Naziaty and part time tutor Lisa Foo. It is an M Arch design thesis final year course incorporating three courses of Pre Thesis (7 weeks), Design Development (14 weeks) and Detail Design (14 weeks). Students are expected to form and finalise their individual topics and scope of work by the seventh week and submission of the brief design thesis proposal on 19 August 2019.

The Urban Design Studio focus on Petaling Jaya Old Town, sections 1, 2 and 3. We follow a similar approach that we did for the Kg. Kerinchi projects in session 2018/19, utilising the methodology of “site-context issues driven” projects approach. The special semester study will be based on observations, records, interviews and other forms of qualitative data collection. There will be master planning, urban design and building design, and much study and data collection, analysis and documentation.

Looking into the urban design, master-planning and the urban architecture type ( as opposed to the stand-alone building type with issues devoid from the context) we are gathering data from the issues of the site, the people, community, neighbourhood, those working and especially those who live at the site area. The studio is concerned with solving the real problems from the study and research of the area. Therefore, topics will be discussed in Week 3 culminating in a presentation in Week 4. prior to that we had input in week 1 and 2, such as a talk and discussion led by Kevin Mark Low on case studies such as the High-line project in New York and others. (See photo).

PJ Old Town design thesis program follows the approach of “site-context issues driven” agendas for the projects. The centre in this case has been identified at the Jalan Othman and Jalan Selangor area bounded by the NPE (Jalan Klang Lama) and Jalan Templer. While focusing on these areas and building up the study on the social, cultural, environmental and economical aspects of the groups of people working, living and visiting the area, we shall form a better idea of the issues and problems and can be better create our brief design proposal.


We are now in Week 3 of the 7 weeks program and we have been discussing about what the students had gathered and presented such as the activities mosaic, interviews and street elevations photos ( as shown above)

Below are photos showing the Market’s interior, exterior and the bus station, both at Jalan Othman.



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