Kampung Baru Projects – Part 2

The following are the three projects that made up the total of five projects by students of M Arch session 2016/17 on Kampung Baru.

Community streets and JKR workshop by Izhar
Izhar studied the urban design and nature of Kg Baru starting with the streets, on how the traditional housing patterns evolved over time to transform to commercial entities at the street frontage area. His proposal for how the streets can be organised and designed to be more efficient and well managed with the correct infra-structure coupled with a JKR workshop building illustrated solutions that are needed by the community. He interviewed the makcik goreng pisang seller, the motorcycle workshop owner and other small businesses that make up the identity of Kampung Baru streets.

Sam designed a library at the area near the heart of Kampung Baru next to the existing high rise flats and LRT station. A much needed public breathing open space for the people, taking into account of the needs of the different diverse groups of people.

Shie Wah created the new school for the under-privileged of stateless children and homeless children relating to Chow Kit as well as what is happening at Kampung Baru.

Kampung Baru – 5 projects from 2016/17 design thesis unit led by Kevin Mark Low ( Naziaty was only able to do semester 1 and later sem 2, by Ar Helena).


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