I am a Senior Lecturer at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. I have been teaching since 1991 at first in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai. There was one year when I worked in architecture practice and I studied for my MSc in Architecture at University College London from 1995-96 and PhD at Salford University from 2002 and I got my doctoral degree in 2009 after doing part time on it from 2006 when I came back to Malaysia.

The reason for blogging is to write ideas, debate and somehow find meaning in what we do. There is continuity from where we came from and to where we are going. Things did not just happen by chance. There are processes involved. Like it or not we are not static and we keep on developing ourselves, spiritually, mentally and physically. We need to express ourselves, so why not ‘blog’ about our thoughts.

The header is Azmi Abdullah’s design thesis project.



  1. Found back your blog during my first year History of Architecture subject saved in my Favourite. Have been reading each post, day be day, from few weeks ago.
    Its inspriring me to go on, and i found back my lost inner self. What i expect, and why I am here.

    Yes, I have nothing to lose, and why should i be satisfy with mediocrity?

    Thanks teacher~!

  2. Dear Ms Naziaty,
    Is it true that the architectural blogger community in Malaysia is very small! Like about two. I stumbled onto your blog whilst googling something about six months back and thought I should give it a try.
    The last four months I’ve been building up a website, and just two weeks ago, I thought I’d give blogging a go.
    Thanks for doing it first!

  3. I’m a first year architecture student and I stumbled upon your blog while looking for inspiration to stay in the program. Your insight into studio teaching and your students is amazing.

    I think your are correct, the grade given by the professor doesn’t matter as much as the grade you give yourself.

    Keep up the great work,
    Richard Murray

  4. hi ,i am doing my masters in habitat design at BMS College ,bangalore and have se;eccted the thesis topic as “CDP for the town of TUMKUR,NEAR BANGALORE, KARNATAKA , INDIA just wanted to know if you have any thesis work done related to comprahensive development plan(CDP), related to any south indian city(tumkur,Bangalore ,India).
    plz let me know ,hoping for a positive responce .
    thanling you

  5. Hi Sharat,
    There are no design thesis based on South Indian city that I had the chance to know. I am sure you will do a great one! Regards

  6. Dear Ms Naziaty,

    im am doing b.arch at uitm. im currently starting my design thesis proposal and have selected entertainment and leisure on reclaim land at penang for my design thesis.
    i just wanted to ask u if u have any idea and suggestion about the reclaim land and thesis work done that related to my proposal..

    thank u..


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